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Frequently Asked Questions

1.1. Go to the Playstore or App Store and search for the BoxPlus Digital App.

1.2. Download and install BoxPlus Digital App.

1.3. Launch the Boxplus Digital App and then tap Next.

1.4. Key in your mobile number and set your password

1.5 Fill up the required fields with the correct information.

BoxPlus Digital is a safe, convenient, and hassle-free service that allows you to collect your package at a time that suits you. Through these smart cabinets, couriers can drop off packages any time of the day and receivers can collect their packages by keying in the unique one-time

2.1. Sim-card enabled

2.2. 100% cashless transactions

2.3. App integrated for couriers and end-users

2.4. Security camera installed

2.5. LED screen display

For Customers

No more waiting time

Customers can collect his parcel at his most convenient time

No face-to-face interaction

Smart payment solutions enabling cashless payments

Real-time delivery updates


For Courier Partners

No need to wait for receivers

Automated system delivery/drop off prompts to receivers

No face-to-face interaction

Optimized delivery cost and time

Real-time delivery updates

Increased drop rates and efficiency For Condominium Management No need for lobby personnel to receive deliveries on behalf of unit owners Prevents lost or missing parcels No need to stock deliveries for unit owners No face-to-face interaction with all couriersAvoid over-crowding at the Lobby

1. Customer places order online.
2. Courier offers the receiver the option to drop off their package to the designated Boxplus cabinet via SMS.
3. Courier scans the package barcode into the cabinet window scanner.
4. Courier inputs the requested package details.
5. Courier chooses the correct door size for the package.
6. Courier puts the package inside the designated door and confirms the drop off.

7. Once the door has been closed, the customer will receive an SMS containing a one-time pin (OTP) to be used upon collection.
8. To collect the parcel, customer may use the cabinet screen or use the BoxPlus Digital app to process collection by keying in the one-time pin (OTP) assigned to the package.
9. Customer scans the QR code to process the payment for the storage fee. Once successful, the assigned door will automatically open and the customer may now collect his package. *For a limited time only, BoxPlus will be free for all users.

BoxPlus Digital is the perfect solution for those with a busy lifestyle with a dire need to have their deliveries received and secured for them. It offers the convenience of being able to collect packages at a time that’s convenient for the receiver. For couriers, integrating BoxPlus Digital with your courier services will increase drop rates significantly as it optimizes package delivery by eliminating wait time.

Not necessarily. Users whose packages have been dropped off at BoxPlus cabinets will still be able to collect their packages by transacting through the cabinet screen. However, features like family sharing, digital wallets, special promos, and storage time extension are only available for BoxPlus Digital app users.

We have an aggressive rollout plan to deploy an initial 300 cabinets by the end of 2023 in highly urbanized cities in Kuala Lumpur, starting with Johor Bahru & Penang. BoxPlus Digital will be strategically located in condominiums, apartment buildings, and office lobbies. For more information, visit to see where BoxPlus is currently deployed


For a limited time only, we will offer BoxPlus Digital to all users for RM0.01 for familiarization.

You may call our hotline number  1700 82 7777 or send us an email at Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any concerns you may have

You may call our hotline number number 1700 82 7777 or send us an email at Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any concerns you may have

Unfortunately, we have size restrictions when it comes to door size. Here are the available door sizes:

Small : 337x 92 x 469mm

Medium: 337x 174 x 469mm

Large: 337 x 270 x 469mm

If door slots turn out to be full by the time your package arrives, these locations will appear grayed out on the app and will remain unavailable, which means all doors are currently utilized. The app will suggest to the assigned courier to look at nearby cabinets to drop off your package and the receiver will get the location details via SMS along with the one-time pin (OTP).

A package will be held only for 48 hours, if after 48 hours, the package remains unclaimed, the courier will be prompted and shall inform the receiver if he wishes to extend or to cancel the delivery. Should the receiver wish to extend, the courier will issue a new one-time pin (OTP) through the BoxPlus Courier app. This OTP will be used by the receiver to collect the package from the cabinet. Applicable fees for storage time extension may apply.

Yes. All BoxPlus cabinets are equipped with security cameras.

A package with a barcode or waybill is associated with a specific mobile number. The mobile number is very important because it is what BoxPlus uses to send the OTP for package collection. To refrain from missing packages or stolen ones, please make sure that you only use your active mobile number when you shop online.

BoxPlus will not be liable for any stolen packages but it can help you track which mobile number the OTP was sent to and which courier dropped it off so long as you have the waybill number of the package.

Customer may call our hotline number at 1700 82 7777 for further assistance and investigation.

16. I changed my mobile number, how can I update my account on the BoxPlus Digital app?

From the homepage of the app, click Profile then proceed to change your mobile number. A verification code will be sent to the number you keyed in. Enter the verification code to save the new mobile number.